I’m an experienced online and offline writer, editor and copy editor. Most recently, I was editor of the award-winning WomenEntrepreneur.com. The site was a recipient of the Bizmore Bizzies Award and was named among the Top 100 Women Sites by Forbes Women. (In February 2011, it was folded into Entrepreneur.com’s new Women’s Center.)

My writing credits include print and online articles and blogs, plus press releases and marketing collateral.

Online Articles for WomenEntrepreneur.com

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Blogs for Entrepreneur.com

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Success Paths E-newsletter

WomenCentric.net’s e-newsletter, Success Paths
I’m the editor of this newsletter for WomenCentric.net, a global directory of women experts, authors and speakers.

Fox Business

Entrepreneurs Dive Into ‘The Perfect Storm’

There’s a New ‘Preneur’ on the Block

How a Hobby Business Became a Goldmine

Print Articles

Battling Boris uncoils one gut-deep knot
This column about a self-defense course I participated in was published by The Orange County Register.

Laser Surgery
This article, which appeared in the magazine Ability, describes the non-invasive cancer treatment photodynamic therapy, or PDT. The article was written on behalf of client Laserscope (later renamed Provectus Pharmaceuticals).

Virtual Plans
This article on strategic planning was written on behalf of client Virtual CEO. It appeared in Credit Union Management magazine.

Think your car is safe from thieves?
This cautionary piece about protecting your car from auto theft was written for a client, Ultimate Security Systems Corp. It appeared in newspapers nationwide.

Special tools for special kids
The educational magazine TLC (Teaching, Learning Computing) published this freelance article about computers being a boon to special-needs students.


Demographics of a changing world
An editorial urging graceful acceptance of the San Gabriel Valley’s growing immigrant population, written for the Foothill Inter-City Newspapers.

Laying a mother to her final rest
A commentary on my mother-in-law’s death from lung disease for the Foothill Inter-City Newspapers.

A commentary on the flood of product-liability lawsuits plaguing the pool and spa industry, written for Pool & Spa News.

Press Releases

Business tips for dealing with a downturn
Tatum Partners offers 10 suggestions for companies challenged by the economic downturn in 2001.

Bipartisan BRIDGE Act Will Enable Thousands of Entrepreneurial Businesses to Create Over 600,000 New Jobs in First Three Years
Tatum CFO Partners developed and lobbied on behalf of the BRIDGE Act in 2001. Ultimately, Congress failed to pass the legislation.

Tatum Partners’ CEO Douglass Tatum addresses SEC Government-Business Forum

NAWBO-OC to honor 5 outstanding women
The Orange County chapter of the National Association of Business Women (NAWBO-OC) honors a slate of what it calls Remarkable Women every year.

Electron Beam Engineering’s New Rotator Enables Manufacturers To Weld Large Diameter Parts
The inventive owner of Electron Beam Engineering uses a bicycle chain and sprocket to power a high-tech invention.

Cox Technologies’ FreshTag wins Popular Science award
This press release announces Cox Technologies’ “Best of What’s New” award from Popular Science magazine for its FreshTag product, which detects decomposition in seafood and other protein products.

Composite Solutions to Reinforce Hotel Walkway in Hawaii
Client Composite Solutions uses advanced composite overlay materials for structural strengthening, earthquake retrofitting and blast hardening.

Quantum Leaders expands to East Coast with DC-area office

AmerisourceBergen to Sell Provectus Pharmaceuticals’ Pure-ific Antibacterial Hand Spray

Marketing Collateral

Gloria Lenhoff brochure
Gloria Lenhoff, who has Williams Syndrome, can’t make change, read a musical note or live on her own. But the developmentally disabled woman has perfect pitch and the ability to sing any song — even opera — after listening to it a few times. I wrote the copy for the brochure.

Invisible Accountant brochure
Danielle Hewitt launched Invisible Accountant to provide small business with reasonably priced accounting services. I wrote the copy for the brochure.

Signs & Services Co. newsletter
I wrote the copy for this Signs & Services Co. newsletter.